Ever wondered what things you did not know about your vagina?

The vagina is part of the body that everyone is intrigued by (men and women alike), but when it comes to the information regarding the vagina, not many have it right.

Well, you may have had the horrendous sex education or lack thereof to blame for this lack of knowledge and not been told anything for example, things you did not know about your vagina

Top tips about your vagina

So, here are some

  1. Vaginal penetration might not get you the happy ending you want

Some women find it hard to orgasm with just vaginal penetration. The clitoris is an extremely sensitive area that can be used to cause orgasm without penetration. Also, some women can have orgasms via both vaginal penetration as well as clitoris. And a blended orgasm is the one where both are used.

  1. Your vaginal smell changes based on what you eat

The vaginal smell is weird to think about, but it is something all the ladies have, and it has been found that eating habits affect the smell. It is a popular belief that eating pineapples gives your vagina a sweeter smell. You can try it!

  1. Does the cherry pop the first time?

The hymen is essentially a thin layer of skin that stretches across the vaginal opening or at least some part of it. It does not pop, and it most probably broke during one of those not so sexy physical activities like bicycle riding and more.

  1. A self-cleaning machine

The commercialization has led us to believe that the lady parts also need cleaning with scented perfumes so that you smell nice down there. Here is sage advice, DON’T. You will have bad bacteria flooding your lady parts gates in no time if you fall in this trap.

  1. The clitoris has a lot of nerve endings

So, did you know that a penis has around 4,000 nerve ending? Want to know how many nerve endings clitoris has: 8,000. Please give your clitoris the attention it deserves during the sexual activities.

  1. The difference between Vagina and vulva

The vagina is the 3 to 6 inches long tube whereas vulva consists of the outer parts like labia, urethra, clitoris, and vaginal opening.

  1. Just because a person has a vagina does not mean that the gender of the person is women

The LGBTQ+ community is a reality, and there are people with a vagina who identify as men or nonbinary. It is not good to assume because it can hamper someone’s sense of self.

  1. Just because you get wet does not mean you are aroused

The vagina can discharge for various reasons, including just being touched even though not aroused. It is not a sign of a consent that should always be verbal.

  1. The vagina expands during arousal

In resting space, a vagina is 3 to 6 inches of a long tube that is 1.5 to 2 inches wide, when aroused; this tube elongates to give more area for penetration.

  1. Color change

When aroused, the blood starts to rush to the vagina and vulva that makes them darker in appearance. It will subside afterwards.

  1. People with two vaginas exist

There is a rare abnormality called uterus didelphys in which a person has two vaginas.

They can lead a normal life and become pregnant, but chances of miscarriage and preterm labour increase.

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