Should my wife get a Yoni massage?

Should my wife get a Yoni massage? yes is the answer!

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means Vagina. Now, do not be alarmed by it. This is not one of those happy ending massages that Thailand is famous for.

It is actually a massage that gives women a chance to explore their sexuality along with their likes and wants to improve their sex life.

Not to hide, the orgasmic release is an option that is on the table, but it is not a mandate in any shape or form.

The boundaries are set in the beginning by the client, and they are adhered to as long as the client does not change their mind.

What does Yoni massage contain?

In Yoni massage, the client will have a masseur who will massage certain areas of the body, along with the Yoni. Which will work around the energy of the body!

It contains a thorough experience where the women seize control over her vulva. As a tantric massage, the yoni is used as a portal for energy flow.

Yoni massage is good for your wife

If your wife does want to experience this massage! There is no reason to stop her because boundaries can be clearly defined, and the orgasm is optional.

On the other hand, it is definitely beneficial for your sex life.

The masseur will enlighten the client about the various pressure points as well as the likes and dislikes of their body.

Once women become aware of their internal desires, sex life can become much easier for you. Because they can teach you the things that their body desires.

Moreover, you will be empowering your wife to take control of her own sexuality, and that is something that every woman needs in her life.

It is so easy to make sex about yourself and satisfaction as women do find it harder to reach climax and need more time to form a connection.

Here, the sexuality of the women will be explored thoroughly, and this will be the time just for them.

Benefits of Yoni massage

They help with painful menstruation: For women, menstruation is a painful process that happens every month.

With Yoni massage, women tend to have less pain during their periods.

More intense orgasms: Once the portal is open, and women figure out what they like, it becomes easier to have more intense orgasms during sex.

Take away anxiety: The other benefit of the yoni massage is that the client will let go of her anxiety.

Is Yoni massage done by male or female masseur?

With us, Massage is done by male masseurs only. It is a sensual as well as a sexual experience that needs a manly touch for women who feel aroused with a man alone.


Yoni massage is a great way for women to get their bodies and soul in unison while exploring their sensuality and sexuality.

There is no reason to fear the process because all the masseurs are professional.

Plus we give a proper check to ensure the safety, security, and pleasure of the clients.

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Yoni Massage Pricing:  60min/£200 / 90min/£250 / 120min/£300