Yoni massage for virgins by Specialist.

“Yoni massage for virgins by Specialist” is a very special kind of massage for virgins.

All kinds of massages are available in the world. Each country probably has a different type of massage that they advocate. Massages from Asia are the more known ones throughout the world, and several of them rely on using pressure points. However, there are others that do not focus on the more sexual side of the body to help the energy flow. One of such massages to consider is Yoni massage.

What is Yoni Massage?

Yoni means vagina, and Yoni massage focuses on stimulating the body and using the Yoni as the portal through which the energy flow is facilitated by the masseur.

Should a virgin get a Yoni massage by a specialist?

Virginity is a social construct that not any women should care about. However, if you are someone who would not want to compromise your virginity, then do not worry. Penetrative sex is not always important during the Yoni massage, though fiddling down there is obviously a part.

The massage includes sensual touches all over the body to get you stimulated and the energy flowing. Then, the masseur will use the yoni to give the energy an outlet.

Best of all, masseurs who provide yoni massage are trained and work on the basis of the boundaries you set. You have complete control over everything that you do. So, virgin or not, you are in control at all times and will only have to accept or decline certain elements of the massage.

How would you benefit from the Yoni massage if you are a virgin?

As a virgin, you can benefit greatly from the Yoni massage. It will help you in

Accepting your body:

It is so easy to bash your own body even when you will not do it to anyone else. As someone, who has not done anything related to the sexual side of the body, you might be insecure about the whole experience. Here, Yoni massage does allow you to have better control and liking for your body, and it helps you exercise control while being sensual and sexual.

Increased sensuality

Being a virgin, people are not in touch with their sensual side. It is so easy to forget about it till you have it for the first time. Yoni massage does improve your sensuality and sexuality while helping you figure out what you like and what you do not like.

Creating a connection with the partner

Yoni massage does allow you to understand the meaning of connection with your partner while having a sexual or sensual experience. Eye contact, the sinking of breathing and overall comfort are some of the important things that masseur like to practice. This further helps in creating a better connection with your future or prospect partners.

Getting a yoni massage for the first time by a specialist can be a challenge mentally even if you are not a virgin. However, the array numbers of people who have tried the service have found the experience rewarding and fun.

Yoni Massage Pricing:  60min/£200 / 90min/£250 / 120min/£300